Saturday, August 02, 2008


My town of Everett has a new recycling program, and there's a story about it here.

I have to say, the biggest relief is being able to mix the paper recycling with the cans, glass, and plastic. Before I had to tie the stuff together with twine, which was nearly impossible, or stuff them into paper bags, which was no picnic either. The stuffing wasn't fun, but getting the paper bags was really difficult, as no store gives them out anymore without being asked.

Still, it's been better for me personally than it was in Somerville. In my Winter Hill place, the recycle people would never come to my alley, which I realized when I stayed home one day and saw the garbagemen throw my sorted recycling into the garbage truck. I was reluctant to take the bin up to the corner for fear of having them stolen. It didn't matter anyway, as someone stole it anyway.

Highland Avenue was even worse. We were over a row of stores, and people would regularly toss garbage into them. And the bin disappeared on a semiweekly basis.

I couldn't care less about the "rewards" program which gives you coupons depending on how many pounds you recycle, but it seems to be having an effect with people who wouldn't otherwise care.

Now if I could only convince my wife that cardboard coffee cans with metal bottoms can't be recycled, and that plastic cups can be...


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