Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Little Halloween Music


At 10/20/08, 10:11 AM, Anonymous RPM said...

You know I love this stuff! keep'em coming!

You prompt me to share.

Here's a little ditty I worked up for a forum I'm in:

Thanks to Max and Dave Fleischer , we have this rare and weird stuff from Cab, Louis, and others. Who needs drugs when you've got Fleischer Studios?
Great music lost to the ages.

I loved going to Comic conventions in the '70's. We would stay up all night in a makeshift film room be run by former AV club members. There we would be able to witness lost gems like the one below.

UHF TV would play some things, but a lot of them fell thorough the cracks and were resurrected at these late night film fests.
Ah the sound of 16mm projectors clicking on into the wee hours.....:)

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVIb72b12OI]YouTube - Betty Boop/Louis Armstrong - You Rascal You (1932)[/url]

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaZOXF83zBg]YouTube - Betty Boop Minnie the Moocher[/url]

At 10/23/08, 12:34 AM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

Oooh, Cab Calloway and Fleischer's Betty Boop. Could anything be better. the Betty Boop "Snow White" cartoon is one of the finest ever made by anybody.

Something about Calloway. He sang lighthearted songs about the most decrepit, immoral people you ever heard of, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Average loved it. I think it has something to do with his compassion. He didn't hate them. He didn't aspire to be like them. He was just there to sing their song.

As for the Fleischers, I've been watching the amazing Popeye DVDs, and after they left New York and relocated to Florida, this suburban complacency began to creep into their work. Popeye and Olive began hanging out at parks and living in the burbs. There was light everywhere. It made me pine for the early cartoons with the hodgepodge of ethnic stereotypes and broken bottles on the street.

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