Monday, November 17, 2008

The Dark Goof

This plot hole in the Dark Knight movie was so obvious that I was sure someone else would post it on the Internet Movie Database, but no one ever did.

Plot holes: When the Joker is arrested, the police do everything they can to identify him. Everything, that is, except wiping off his makeup.

I post stuff on all the time, but they seem to be very fussy about their really big pics, so I'm particularly proud of this one.


At 11/26/08, 11:22 AM, Anonymous RPM said...

Yeah, I've been harping on that since the day I saw it at the Imax! You and I spoke of this as well I believe.
The movie wo0rks, but thee really was enough for two movies in there. Unlike Batman IV though, where the excess characters fail utterly to fit the framework, this outing managed that difficult feat.


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