Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Freepers are Angry when Liberals Blame the Perpetrator

Boston Bill reads Free Republic so I don't have to. Here's a recent email to me:

News: Chris Brown bought his 11-year-old son, Jordan, a 20-gauge shotgun for
Christmas. He wanted to teach him how to hunt.
Now, law enforcement authorities said, the shotgun is the suspected murder
weapon in the death of Mr. Brown's pregnant girlfriend, Kenzie Marie Houk,
26, who was shot in the back of the head Friday morning as she lay in bed at
their two-story farmhouse near New Castle, Lawrence County.

The Moral folk at Free Republic respond:

"Oh I don't know ... maybe the fact that the victim here was living with his
dad unmarried. Not justifying the kid, but this type of immorality and
breakdown of the family leads to these type of incidents"
"Kid could be like so many others that are ignored and left to play violent
video games where they come to believe this behavior is acceptable"
"Well the woman was 26 years old. What is she doing having a baby or at
least sex with an 11 year old? Maybe he found out the baby wasn't really his
child. After all, she does have a 4 year old daugther and I haven't read
anything about the "father" of that child"
"The victim is unsympathetic. She was shacking up with the child father and
was going to have a kid out of wedlock"

Comment: and these are the folks who proudly proclaim themselves 'right to
lifer-ers". It's amazing the twists of logic they will undertake to avoid
the obvious: why give a child that age a gun?


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