Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today I posted my 1000th Answer on Yahoo Answers

I've been on Yahoo! Answers for a couple of years now, and I just posted my 1000th answer. It was quickly selected as "best answer," which is hopefully a good omen.

It started out as a secret account, but my brother Bill stumbled across my avatar one day and quickly concluded it was me.

I really didn't think anyone would ever find me that way. The 'net is so vast that I figured that so long as I didn't put down any specific info like my name, a photo, etc., no one will ever recognize me. So I freely picked a cartoon avatar that sort of looked like me, named it after an obscure Groucho Marx character, and began to post stuff about left wing populism, Frankenstein movies, and other stuff I like.

Now I'm just glad I didn't post anything really embarrassing on there.

Apparently, someone has been following me. Bill says it isn't him, but someone recently voted a whole lot of my answers as best answer, even breaking tie votes on questions over two years old. I'm still not sure if it's just a random individual, or someone I know.


At 3/16/11, 7:58 AM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

Well, it sure ain't me. I've never done anything on Answers except lurk.
But I remember one day coming across an answer from an Avatar that looked like you (almost no one does that, but it would be a 'Tom' thing to do) with info on a topic that could come only from you. It might have ended there, but you didn't keep your answers and questions private, and after looking at two or three answers I knew it had to be either you or our long lost triplet.
The only one who knows beside me is Lizzie, and like my encyclopedic knowledge of 70's Marvel Universe, she couldn't care less!
Maybe someone just admires your answers!

At 3/16/11, 5:27 PM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

Wait a second, I just realised that you linked directly to the 1,000 Answer. Do you realise that you've just outed yourself to every single one of your readers?

At 3/16/11, 10:22 PM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

Well, it's more like BOTH of my readers. I figure, if you can figure it out, I might as well go public; there's nothing on there I should be ashamed of, is there? (seriously, is there?)

As for my admirer: that could be. I have a few people who follow me and another, smaller group who are "fans."

the site has made surfing for answers easier, and you can even look up tied votes, allowing you to cast a lot of deciding ballots

Also, right wingers are known for trolling the site, and the use a lot of sock puppets and aliases to disguise their numbers.

Thing is, they often don't bother with voting, so some libs have taken to voting as a way to marginalize them.

I guess it's not too hard to lok up 9-10 questions someone answered and vote them as best, but I am kind of curious as to who did it.

At 3/29/11, 9:05 AM, Anonymous RPM said...

You can run,........

Not me, though I likely would if I've ever been there. The first time was via your link which only took me to a home page where it looks like one must sign up to do more.
Anyway, a friend of mine posts on Huff with his real name ( scary thought, eh ) He's a conservative who is so fed up with what passes for conservative that he had to abandon his people. Like Sullivan, he takes on the conservative vitriol as a liberal would. They really do marginalize those who think within their ranks. He voted for Obama........

Keep up the fight.

At 3/29/11, 9:26 AM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

I actually decided to cover my tracks a bit. You never know. I might someday actually wind up in an employment situation where somebody cares what I think.

At 3/30/11, 9:32 AM, Anonymous RPM said...

Good point. Even though you are usually very correct in your thinking and analysis.

At 3/31/11, 8:22 AM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

Thank you, RPM.

Wait a minute-"Usually?"

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