Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Let it Roll" Track List Now Official...

...and it's the same track list as the one Amazon posted. (Here's the press release.)

I put the songs together on a playlist. My thoughts:

1) Ol' Harp is right, the live Beatles Covers from "Concert for Bangladesh" are the low points of the album. I have to admit they're the big draw for the people who are only familiar with George's Beatles work, but there are better live versions of these songs, and there are better live numbers by George, period. "Guitar" is vibe killer, "Something" is meh, and only the sincere acoustic rendition of "Here Comes the Sun," is passable, even if George's voice is a little off-key and weak.

2) The bulk of the album comes from four albums: three each from "Concert For Bangladesh," "Cloud Nine," and "Brainwashed," and a whopping five from "All Things Must Pass." Aside from that there are three indispensable hit singles ("Give Me Love," "All Those Years Ago," and "Blow Away," which wasn't that big a hit, but it's almost impossible to find a George fan who doesn't like this song) and two non-album singles.

3) I have to admit, it's a pretty good listen. There are some surprises - like "Rising Sun," "I don't Want to Do it," and "This is Love" - which I love but didn't expect to see, and while I wouldn't have selected three of the "All Things Must Pass" numbers, they all sound good.

So yeah, this isn't a perfect collection, but it's the best one George has ever had. I intend to buy it.

And yes, I've pretty much admitted I already have all of the songs on my Itunes. What's your point? ;-)


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