Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Concert For Bangladesh

I like to explore Yahoo Answers, which is basically a bunch of people who know nothing getting answers by people who think they know everything.

But once in awhile, an answer can be a real revelation...

George Harrison or Paul McCartney?

i don't wanna make any comparison between legends.But i am gr8ful to George Harrison and so r we all bangladeshi people.coz in 1971 when our liberation war was going on,George harrison arranged a concert for fundraising for bangladesh at the 'Medison centre' of london with pundit ravi shankar & jowan bayes etc.the concert was named-"concert for Bangladesh."A superstar like Mr. Harrison raised his voice and played his powerful guitar for a country miles away just for the sake of humanily.The song 'bangladesh'sang by him in that concert was a big source of inspiration for our freedom fighters that time & still living in our hearts even after 37 years of liberation.

You know, I've always thought the story behind the Concert For Bangladesh was jjust that, a nice story. But I guess that for others, it's far more.

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At 8/13/09, 8:42 AM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

I think in his bio, George said that while the financial fiasco behind the Concert was a disapointment (RIP, Allen Klein), many Banladeshi had passed on their thanks over the years just for the attention that the whole thing produced.
And I'm not pleased that the CD & DVD covers have been switched to a picture of George. He insisted on the image of the child for the cover of the triple album, lest the whole point of the project be forgotten.

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