Friday, June 26, 2009

In stunning turnaround, Media Matters Quotes ME!

Yeas, the County Fair blog at Media Matters actually quoted me today.

In the post, Finally some Stonewall coverage... from Colbert, they write:

In the words of tharri874, a commenter here on our website, "Wow, so it takes a news parody show to actually cover the anniversary of Stonewall. No wonder so many prefer to watch The Daily Show and Colbert. They're not just more entertaining; they're more informative."

The quote was taken from a comment I had previously posted here

Here's another link.

Finally some Stonewall coverage... from Colbert

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At 8/6/09, 12:45 PM, Anonymous RPM said...

Nice to see someone quoting you ! The web is not so infinite after all!

At 8/10/09, 10:59 AM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...


I await the day when a presidential candidate is confronted with his or her web surfing history!


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