Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. Noseybonk, Devourer of Souls

There's a thin line between horror and comedy, but while this saying us usually applied to how horror often seems silly, it can work the other way as well.

Take Mr. Noseybonk, a character I encountered on Youtube.

Noseybonk, played by a man in a weird face mask and tux, was just one of the silly characters who inhabited Jigsaw, a British game show for kids that ran from 1979 to 1985. His alabaster white face, enormous protruding nose. and giant toothy smile were supposed to make him seem silly, but he became fear personified for thousands, if not millions, of impressionable young kids.

With all the tapes from the series apparently wiped, this bit seem to be the only remaining footage of him, and it's creepy as hell. It seems statistically safe to assume was probably not the creepiest of his many appearances; god only knows what that one must be like.

But Noseybonk was deeply enough ingrained in somebody's head that he was revived as a figure of pure evil, like the videos at It includes this video on kids' TV, in which the first 100 seconds are dedicated to Noseybonk.

And here's a clip of the "new" fan-created Noseybonk:


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