Thursday, January 13, 2011

How Superman should have ended

A quickie: How Superman should have ended:



At 1/15/11, 2:28 PM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

I will never be one of the ones who thought that Superman the Movie was great. The whole production felt restrained Wilder was disappointing as Luthor. S2 was an improvement, but really, I don't understand why Brian Singer was so determined to pick up where Superman 2 left off. As Spider-Man said in one of the first 'I'm a Marvel...I'm a DC': "Your big enemy is a rock?"
I think Batman & Superman movie would have good potential. It should be a mix of the great team depicted in the classic World Finest comics, along with the diametrically opposed heroes of the latter day, who can't help but respect the other one.

At 1/17/11, 1:06 AM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

I think Superman was an impressive attempt to rally capture the flavor of a comic book superhero in a movie, though it could have done with less God allegories, crystal imagery, and Marlon Brando.

Superman Returns is a $209 million fan film.

Warner needs to loosen up on the licensing. We've gone from "We can't make a Superman/Batman film; they're not big enough" to "We can't make a Superman/Batman film; they're each too big a property."

At 1/18/11, 12:13 PM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

The parody addresses another problem: how powerful is Superman, exactly. His abilities and limitations can change within the same body of work. Any guy fast enough to fly around the world as quickly as Supes did in S1 should have been able to get both rockets easily! I think that's another reason why a team-up with Bats would work. The plot would have to incorporate problems that were better solved by stealth and detectivework, perhaps making the good story that the Superman films have all lacked. We'll see.

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