Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jack the Giant Killer: the musical

Jack the Giant Killer is a movie famous for being something Ray Harryhousen fans like to watch, even if it isn't as good as something Ray Harryhausen would make.

It isn't a perfect movie, but it still didn't deserve this.

Apparently, the producer decided to pick up some extra scratch by re-releasing the picture as a musical.

The weird result is posted below.

I guess here I could riff on what other movies you could do this with, but anything seems about as funny. The Godfather? Avatar? What movie would look good with this treatment?

Still, it has its polar opposites, like I'll Do Anything, a musical movie in which the songs were excised before release.


At 3/28/11, 5:32 PM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

I thought this was a joke, until I looked it up. Someday I'll have to watch this thing, but I don't think I'll enjoy it!

At 3/29/11, 9:33 AM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

It's actually a pretty good attempt at doing something that's a really bad idea.

I don't know if the musical version is even available. Maybe the songs could be included as extras on a DVD release.

At 3/30/11, 4:25 AM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

I mean ANY version of 'Jack'! I'd rather see the musical one for curiosity's sake. But there's something that always nausiates me about JTGK.

At 3/30/11, 7:28 AM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

There really is something cheesey about it. Not only is the animation not up to Harryhausen's standards, but everything seems to come up short. Plus, there is a giant gap in the movie between the beginning and the end where there's no stop motion animation at all.

Plus, it has the Gamera-like quality of being both more both more juvenile and yet more violent and creepy than the film it's imitating.

I just figure, stop motion is such a rare and fun thing that I'm glad I watched it.

But think of Harryhausen's worst film and this Jack doesn't quite come up to its standards.


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