Thursday, June 16, 2011

Servicable Villains

Guest-Blogged by my brother Bill:

Since the universe has only 10 heroes, what would the 10 villains be.

I know you said 10 villains per hero, but that would take a lot of time. Some of these guys would be able to mix it up with more than 2 of the heroes, and ancillary characters such as henchmen would keep things interesting.

This is a tough list and you might improve on it. I know Pym sounds strange, but I always thought that his turning was never exploited to it's full potential. There are so many villains-turned-hero, I think the opposite would be intriguing.

Darkseid. A villain who defines evil.
Dr Doom. A mastermind/despot/scientific genious
Kingpin. A ruthless mob boss who can still go toe-to-toe with a hero
Dracula. A classic monster who could pose problems for even Superman
Juggernaut. Super strong, and a challage for the mightier heroes.
Sandman. A shapeshifter, elemental. Might be used as a goon by the bigger villains.
Joker. An unpredictible, elusive psychopath.
Hank Pym. An hero turned bad. His biggest failing would be his inability to atone for his past crimes.
Gorilla Grodd. for some reason, everyone loves gorillas. He has a good assortment of powers
Deathstroke the Terminator. Good assassin type.


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Truly, one of your finest blogs.


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