Monday, May 09, 2011

Bill O'Reilly Vs. Obama on gettin Bin Laden

Another moment BIll O'Reilly and Fox would like to be forgotten.

Thanks to liberalviewer for remembering it.


At 5/20/11, 1:54 AM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

I've never seen so much frustration on the part of conservatives as they've displayed after Osama's death. The cries of 'Obama's grandstanding', 'the Seals really did it', 'Bush did it' are ridiculous. The simple fact is that if Bush or another Republican had done it, they'd be holding parades for him. Obama is taking credit for a risky decision and the accomplishment of a major objective. I'll criticise him when he dresses up in a flight suit with a banner saying 'Mission Accomplished' behind him.

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