Thursday, March 31, 2011

Screw Continuity

I was encouraged to hear that the new Justice League movie will include Batman and Superman, but outside of whatever continuity and actors that will be in their solo film projects. This strikes me as the perfect way to proceed.

It was in the '80s that I decided that too much continuity could get in the way of a good comic book. At the time, DC has not quite fully committed itself to Marvel comics-style continuity, and I decided I like it. "I like Batman in Detective Comic, and I like Batman in Justice League, but the Batman in Justice League couldn't possibly be the same one as in Detective Comics. The Detective Comics Batman would never leave Gotham City.

Even though DC has longs since committed itself to a shared universe concept, the proliferation of Elseworlds/alternate dimensional plane stories has effectively led to a wide range of stories whose contradictions with the rest of the continuity bothers no one because of the context its placed in.

I look forward to the movie and hope it's good.


At 3/31/11, 2:39 PM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

Marvel's move towards continuity was one of its strengths. Alas, they went overboard with it and it became a classic case of tail wagging the dog.
I notice that both DC and Marvel have embraced alternative universes of late. Perhaps the Classic DC era of multiple earths was the way to go after all!

I read a review of the terrific JLA/Avengers book on Amazon. It reviewed it as a Batman book, criticising Batman's portrayal not as bad, but just wrong. Fans of 'Dark Knight' portrayal want us to believe that it's the only version of a character that's been around for most of a century!

While we're at it, I find the term 'reboot' ridiculous. A handy Hollywood catchphrase, it really means nothing, as all new versions are new versions.

At 3/31/11, 11:43 PM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

Great line from cult Youtube parodist It's Just Some Random Guy:

MAN: So you're doing a reboot?
HULK: First rule of reboot is you never say reboot.

At 4/1/11, 4:38 AM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

Love It's Just Some Random Guy. What's really strange is that some of his long shorelines are actually creative and exciting.

Just a little too much Deadpool though.

At 4/1/11, 8:10 AM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

It's obvious that he loves big complex crossovers even as he makes fun of them.

Oddly enough, it usually works. He's quite a good writer and performer.

At 4/2/11, 4:47 AM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

And he's not the fat, ugly nerd you expect - and be's got a girlfriend - who's cute!

At 4/2/11, 5:32 PM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

Yeah, he's a guy who generally hides behind superhero dolls in his videos. How could you NOT expect him to be homely.

I thought of something I should've put in the post: Continuity was originally designed to put Batman and Superman in the same room. Now all it does is give excuses why they can't be in the same room.


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