Sunday, April 03, 2011

O Cap'n! My Cap'n!

O Cap'n! My Cap'n!

Maybe you heard the news that the liberal media tried to suppress: Cap'n Crunch was going to be pulled from supermarket shelves at the behest of Michelle Obama.

What a surprise it turned out to be bunk.

All the "Quaker is making Cap'n Crunch go away" stories can be traced to a speculative article with no real facts, just guesses. Then a Fox News blog picked up the story and threw in the idea that Michelle Obama was behind it. Then of course, it went viral.

Well, it got me thinking about Cap'n Crunch cereal. A lot. Though I mostly ditched sugary cereal in college (the vast amounts of it available int he cafeteria made me quickly tire of them), the Cap'n always was my favorite, both for his amazingly crunchy, sugary cereals and their unbeatable commercials. (The arwork is now "improved," assuming you always wanted to see the Capn''s uvula.)

Well, I couldn't stop wanting a package, and recently treated myself to one. The tough part was deciding between the original and Peanut Butter Crunch, which is also pretty good. I finally went with PBC, partially because it's marginally less unhealthy, and partially because the on in the store had nostalgia packaging reviving Jay Ward's original design and characters.

(The '80s marketing decision to drop the Cap'n's crew--Sea Dog, the kids, etc.,--was a big mistake. Part of the appeal of those commercials was the idea that you could join his crew and hang out with him. No he just seems like a senior who's a little off his meds.)

Well, I have to say this: this cereal is incredibly insubstantial. YYou can eat two whopping bowls of the stuff and still feel as if you've eaten nothing. At least a snickers bar makes you feel like you've indulged yourself after you've eaten it. All I felt after eating Crunch was the desire to have breakfast.

Well, I guess for the Cap'n and me, that ship has sailed.


At 4/5/11, 4:12 AM, Anonymous Boston Billy said...

Stays crunchy, even in bourbon!


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