Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My Big Store Review

The biggest problem with the Big Store is that it has so little comedy. There's a lot of silliness and stunts accompanied by slide whistles, but very few actual jokes. Heck, I don't think Chico makes a single pun. Still, it does have its moments, mainly in the musical numbers. Chico and Harpo's piano duet is a delight, and Groucho's "Sing While You Sell," is certainly fun. The low points, however, are also musical numbers, specifically Tony Martin's. Kids who can stand black & white might enjoy all the antics, but Marx brothers fans will mostly enjoy debating whether this or "Love Happy" is the Bros. worst film.


At 2/12/10, 5:13 AM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

The Big Store is their worst film. Love Happy is bad, but not really a proper Marx Brothers movie.

I once met a man who said that far and away, The Big Store was their best film - I said nothing.

At 3/2/10, 6:27 AM, Anonymous Boston Bill said...

Marx Films, ranked

Cream of the Crop:
Duck Soup
A Night at the Opera

Horse Feathers
A Day at the Races
Monkey Business

Stagy, but classics:
Animal Crackers

Declining, but still them:
At the Circus
Go West
A Night in Casablanca

The Big Store (look out Wacky!)

Not really Marx Movies
Room Service (not written for them)
Love Happy (Groucho and Chico shoehorned into a Harpo vehicle; they never appear in the same shot)
The Story of Mankind (cameos, and once again, not in the same scene!)

"The Marx Brothers never made a movie that was as good as they were!"


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