Friday, April 02, 2010

Worst DVD Collection of All Time

This came out in December but I only saw it today.

The MGM Decades Collection
Mad Max
Fiddler on the Roof

I'm serious. Okay, the first two might be part of a passable set, but do you know anyone who's been waiting for years to get these two AND Fiddler on the Roof in one set?

You like ice cream? You like salad? Well, I put them in a bowl for you!


At 4/3/10, 3:56 PM, Anonymous RPM said...

That is a weird grouping. The Eighties set looks more congruous.

House of Horrors ( Rondo yeah! )
Mad Ghoul
Mad doctor of Market Street
Strange Case of Doctor RX
Murders in the Zoo

At 4/4/10, 11:43 PM, Blogger Monster, Indeed! said...

I agree. The other sets at least make SOME kind of thematic sense.

The 50s movies, for instance - 12 Angy Men, Guys and Dolls, and 12 Angry Men - are all mainstream & critical milestones (okay, "Guys" isn't great, but it stars the era's most respected actor, Marlon Brando), and even have a theme of crime.

The 80s set is probably the most coherent, because of the romance angle.

I think the purpose of the sets is to get rid of unwanted stock, fill shelf space, and to act as well meaning gifts from people who have no idea what else to give.

The Universal set is intriguing. The only thing holding me back is a combination of the price, that I've seen three of the movies already, and that I don't expect much from the other two, though any thriller with Shemp Howard is worth at least one sitting.


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