Saturday, August 20, 2011

Class Warfare in 1776

Well, what do you know? My favorite line from 1776 is also Mark Evanier's favorite line, and for the same reason:

Dickinson: Be careful, sir. History will brand him [John Adams] and his followers as traitors.

Hancock: Traitors to what, Mr. Dickinson? The British Crown? Or the British half-crown? Fortunately, there are not enough men of property in America to dictate policy.

Dickinson: Perhaps not. But don't forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich than face the reality of being poor. And that is why they will follow us.

Evanier comments, "You get the feeling that the 2012 election in this country will be all about testing that premise?"

That line, incidentally, is from an interlude in the number "Cool, Cool, Considerate Men" which Jack Warner ordered cut from the film and destroyed at the behest of Richard M. Nixon.

It was cut, but not destroyed, as the director kept a secret copy which was used to make a restored print for the DVD release.